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This blog starting out being about the books I wrote for ExpressionEngine. Now, the posts are more likely to be focused on my career in the world of Business Intelligence. My plan is not to get too technical, as there are hundreds of people with far more technical knowledge than me. Rather, I plan to talk more 'big picture' about Business Intelligence (especially self-service BI), work-life balance and other digestible topics. Enjoy!

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Three Reasons Why I Share My Knowledge (20th April 2016)

A few weeks ago, I was asked why I share my knowledge so freely at user groups and other events. Here are three reasons why.


Mastering Power BI Pre-Con (11th April 2016)

On Friday, I delivered my first solo pre-con: Mastering Power BI.


Police Service Calls in Madison (10th February 2016)

One question that comes up repeatedly: is our neighbourhood getting worse or better? Often the answer is anecdotal based on your own experience and how much you know about what goes on around you.


Power BI Top 10 Best Report Contest (3rd February 2016)

I was recently honoured with a top 10 placement in Microsoft's Best Power BI Report contest.


Unnecessary Secrets (3rd June 2015)

The problems are mounting and the recriminations start flying: "If only I'd known" or "I didn't know". It all gets chalked up to communication issues but the truth is, no-one really knows what they would have done differently because no-one did anything wrong. Enter Yammer.


Patch of Mud (22nd February 2015)

Two rules of presenting that I've learnt the hard way: by ignoring them.


Power BI Dashboards: Dashboarding Made Simple (21st December 2014)

Microsoft lives up to their promise of Dashboarding Made Simple with their latest Power BI preview.


Vanity Dashboards (25th November 2014)

Is your dashboard a vanity dashboard? How can you tell?


Never Type in a Demo (1st October 2014)

Never type in a demo.

Ever since I started doing technical presentations, I've heard that advice. After all, typing is error-prone. If your demo fails because you missed a semi-colon or spelled a word incorrectly, it can be very stressful. Especially with dozens of eyes watching you as you sit there, flustered, trying to figure out what is wrong.


One Version of the Truth (30th August 2014)

One version of the truth is a pipe dream, but a data warehouse does help.


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