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This blog starting out being about the books I wrote for ExpressionEngine. Now, the posts are more likely to be focused on my career in the world of Business Intelligence. My plan is not to get too technical, as there are hundreds of people with far more technical knowledge than me. Rather, I plan to talk more 'big picture' about Business Intelligence (especially self-service BI), work-life balance and other digestible topics. Enjoy!

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2013 Goal Update (2nd October 2013)

It's more than half-way through the year, and I've decided to abandon my 2013 goals.


FoxPASS (9th August 2013)

On Wednesday I drove up to Appleton, WI to present at FoxPASS on pivot tables. This was my first time visiting a user group outside Madison as a guest presenter and I was excited.


Pivot Tables (27th July 2013)

Pivot tables are a key part of true self-service Business Intelligence in a Microsoft-based BI organization. They basically allow you unfettered access to all the data in a cube while working completely within Excel.


Readability (18th July 2013)

Do you write readable code? Are you sure? The chances are, unless you're me, you don't.


Currency Symbols in SSRS (16th July 2013)

Today I had a challenge: I had a report that showed amounts for a given account. The amounts were in different currencies depending on the account. I had a list of amounts and the currency the amounts were in and so I wanted SSRS to display the right currency symbol based on which account was being viewed. Sounds simple, right?


Automation (5th June 2013)

If you know me, you'll know automation is something I've loved for a long time. Why do something manually if the computer can do it?


The Black Swan (1st May 2013)

Last month I finished reading one of the worst-written books I have ever read: The Black Swan by Nassim Nicholas Taleb.


SQL Saturday Chicago Presentation (29th April 2013)

Earlier this month I had the honour of presenting on Power View at SQL Saturday Chicago.


SQL Saturday 206 Recap (7th April 2013)

SQL Saturday Madison 2013 was a roaring success.


The SQL Triple Play (25th March 2013)

This April, I'm one of a lucky handful of people who get to enjoy the SQL Triple Play: SQL Saturday Madison, PASS Business Analytics Conference and SQL Saturday Chicago in 8 days.


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