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This blog starting out being about the books I wrote for ExpressionEngine. Now, the posts are more likely to be focused on my career in the world of Business Intelligence. My plan is not to get too technical, as there are hundreds of people with far more technical knowledge than me. Rather, I plan to talk more 'big picture' about Business Intelligence (especially self-service BI), work-life balance and other digestible topics. Enjoy!

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Negative Filtering in Power View (18th March 2013)

My last post on Power View was about a flaw, so this week I'm going to be more positive and write about something Power View does well: negative filtering.


Windows Phone (11th March 2013)

I upgraded my phone this month: from an iPhone 4 to a Windows Lumia 920.


I’m Speaking Part II (4th March 2013)

My first ever SQL Saturday was in Chicago and I remember being incredibly impressed by the size of the event and the quality of the speakers. This year is no different: the session schedule reads like a 'Who's Who" of industry leaders, followed by little old me.


Drilling & Filtering (25th February 2013)

Two of the design principles behind the user interface of Microsoft Power View are "Choose the right default, by default" and "Easy for the user, hard on us". There's one place where Power View falls flat on both counts.


I’m Speaking (18th February 2013)

This April I'll be speaking at 2 different SQL Saturday events: first in Madison on April 6th and then the following week in Chicago.


One Report to Rule Them All (11th February 2013)

One Report to rule them all, One Report to find them,
One Report to bring them all and in the darkness bind them


The Achievement Gap (4th February 2013)

One topic of conversation that comes up frequently between my wife & me is the achievement gap and how to close it. This is one of the most fundamental problems in education today, so let's talk about it.


Change is Hard (28th January 2013)

Change is hard. Don't be frightened.


Documentation (21st January 2013)

My love affair with documentation started at Westinghouse Signals Ltd and died at Trek Bicycle Corporation.


Power View in Excel 2013 - The Basics (12th January 2013)

Power View is a data visualization and exploration tool that comes built into Excel 2013. This means that eventually everyone who uses Office will have Power View at their fingertips. But what is "a data visualization and exploration tool"? Let's find out!


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