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This blog starting out being about the books I wrote for ExpressionEngine. Now, the posts are more likely to be focused on my career in the world of Business Intelligence. My plan is not to get too technical, as there are hundreds of people with far more technical knowledge than me. Rather, I plan to talk more 'big picture' about Business Intelligence (especially self-service BI), work-life balance and other digestible topics. Enjoy!

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More Book Reviews (19th March 2009)

My book continues to get read and reviewed...


Book Reviews (11th October 2008)

My book has been getting very positive feedback...but what are people saying?


Book Published (9th August 2008)

You've purchased ExpressionEngine, now what? Pick up my book for an step-by-step guide that will help you become a knowledgeable user of ExpressionEngine.


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