End of October

November 1st 2013

I've been keeping busy.

First up, a goal update. In October I set myself the goal of reading the first 11 chapters of DAX Formulas for PowerPivot. I completed this goal (though I may have waited until the last day). The book is a great introduction to Power Pivot. Even though I knew most of it from my own work in Power Pivot, I still picked up some new ideas. For example, I knew how CALCULATE and ALL worked in DAX, but my understanding was not as crisp as Rob's explanation. Another tip I picked up is to create a measure for each logical step of a formula and then build on those measures, rather than trying to create a single overarching formula.

For November, I've decided I want to organize my photos. I have thousands, many of them not coherently backed up. I basically want to delete blurry photos, accidental photos/videos and duplicate photos. Name them something sensible, orientate them correctly and then back them up. As with my previous monthly goals, this is nothing too crazy but something I've been meaning to do for a long time that I keep putting off. I'll start with photos up through December 2009 (right before my son was born).

In other news, I've submitted to speak at the PASS Business Analytics Conference 2014 in San Jose, California. This is my first time submitting to speak at a national conference: i.e. attendees pay to attend. I have two abstracts submitted: you can find links to them on my speaker profile page. They're both topics I've spoken on before. However, I'm changing my format to be more audience-driven rather than me standing up at the front showing off something I've previously built. My experiment with that format at FoxPASS went over well and the audience were much more engaged than previous presentations I've done.

Will I get accepted? I won't find out until December. I think my abstracts are well-written, but of course so do the other 100+ speakers who have submitted abstracts, many of whom have more illustrious speaking experience than myself. It's all in good fun anyway.

In reading, I'm 98% of the way through Captain Corelli's Mandolin. It's long and pretentiously written and I didn't much enjoy it until the final third. I'm not sure why I've been enjoying it more in the final third: is it because I've invested the time in the universe and am now reaping the dividends? Or is it because it's crap until the final third? Perhaps I will never know. [As you can tell, I will never be a professional book critic].

Finally, I have a whole host of topics I want to blog about (technical and non-technical) and I keep never finding the time. I hope to do so more in November. If not, maybe I'll set myself a blogging monthly goal for December.

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