Building Websites with ExpressionEngine 1.6

Welcome to the home page for my book, Building Websites with ExpressionEngine 1.6. From this site, you can download code and image files that were used in each chapter. This is also the first place any corrections to the content of each chapter will be made.

If you'd like to read what other people are saying about my book, please visit my reviews page. At least, the reviews are always what I like to read when I'm considering buying a book.

Select a chapter on the right-hand side to view updates, errata, file downloads and code samples pertaining to each chapter.

Don't Own This Book?

Building Websites for ExpressionEngine 1.6 (published July 2008) is available at places such as Packt and Amazon (USA). However, I recommend checking out the newer edition of my book, Building Websites with ExpressionEngine 2.