Chapter 3: Start Posting

Chapter 3 walks you through the basics of ExpressionEngine templates and creating a weblog.


In chapter 3, page 48, it asks you to select a Field Group of toastwebsite. The toastwebsite field group is not created until chapter 4, page 72. Therefore, please select the Default Field Group when working through chapter 3. Thanks to Scott for finding this out and letting me know!

In chapter 3, page 59, step 5, you point the news/index template to the toast/toast_css template. If you get stuck here, it may be that your toast_css template isn't in the toast template group. Go back out to the templates screen and find out what template the toast_css template is in. For example, if your toast_css template is actually in the news template group, the code should point to the news/toast_css template.

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* Template type must be defined as CSS Stylesheet