Chapter 5: Create an Advanced Weblog

Chapter 5 walks you through creating a more advanced weblog, including a multiple-entry page, a single-entry page, comments and captchas.


On page 112 (Customizing our Weblog Fields, step 6), there is a discrepancy between the text instructions and the diagram. The diagram says that for toastproducts_summary and toastproducts_description, the formatting menu should be set to 'Display'. The text of the step says "should not display the formatting menu". In this case, the diagram is right, you should display the formatting menu. For Textarea field types, displaying the formatting menu provides more flexibility to change the Text Formatting on a case-by-case basis. For example, if you have one particular entry where you want to include HTML code in the field itself, you can set the text formatting to None so that no HTML code is auto-generated (which would otherwise interfere with your HTML).

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