Here are some links to what other people are saying about my book; the good, the bad and the ugly (though I'll only quote the best bits on this page!). If you see a review or a comment that I haven't spotted, please do let me know. And thank-you to everyone who has read and published their thoughts on my book; I am very appreciative of the feedback.

Full Reviews

The following are formal reviews I've found.


"This is a beginners book. It explains all the core features of EE and each feature is well explained. It provides insightful information on all topics and if you're setting out to learn ExpressionEngine, this is a good place to start."

TXP Magazine:

"All in all it is a pretty solid book garned with many screenshots and example code. To me the book is worth 4 stars..."

Shum Design Studio:

"I highly recommend this book."


"The book extends the ExpressionEngine userguide and offers solutions which you may not come across readily while doing a general browse of the material currently available."


"Every chapter is described in great detail with step by step instructions and screenshots, and what's particularly impressive here is the amount of detail the author has added."

Blue Dreamer:

"This is a wonderfully detailed book and a perfect reference for anyone new to ExpressionEngine. The level of detail the author goes into is simply outstanding, and you won't be left guessing when following the tutorials."

Net Tuts+:

Rated #49 in a list of 50 Must-read Books on Web Development.

Trevor Davis:

"I really liked that Leonard uses a lot of screenshots and code snippets to help walk through how he is doing something. They definitely would have helped me to comprehend some of the EE concepts that I did not understand until devoting a lot of time online doing research."

Viget Inspire:

"If you know a little HTML/CSS but you are brand new to EE, this book will help get you started down the right path."

Boiler Room Digital:

"I found it gives a good summary of how EE works. My client, who was new to EE agreed. He'd managed to set up XAMPP, and install EE on his local server, and work through the exercises, which is testament to the value of the book, and the user-friendly-ness of the exercises."


"This is a great book."

Jason Leveille:

"After reading Building Websites with ExpressionEngine 1.6, I now wish I had taken the time 2 years ago to look beyond the UI, and focus more on the functionality that EE would have brought to my projects. This book provided me with that missing piece of the puzzle, and now there is no question that this CMS will be on my options list when attempting to make good choices for my employer, and consequently for our clients. If you have experience with the limitations of other solutions, and you are curious how EE can help you solve the problems you inevitably need to solve in your client projects, than this book is for you."

Comments from Readers

The following comments were made in public forums or blogs in reference to the content of my book. They are presented in no particular order, though I've tried to only include comments from people who have read the book (rather than people who are considering reading it).

Official ExpressionEngine Blog:

"While we could nitpick this and that, the bottom line is that its a solid book that delivers on its title's promise."

Cyan Design:

"...within 5 min. I have learned something that I have already spent an hour trying to figure out"

Capt. Mike:

"It really is a GREAT book for someone like me who is new to EE."

C. Rogers:

"I would even recommend this book to those that are considering using Expression Engine, as it will really give you a good look into the features and possibilities."

John Donovan:

"First impressions is that it is a well written guide. The book assumes you are at a beginner level developing with ExpressionEngine and have some HTML and CSS experience. The book contains step-by-step instructions which are well organised with lots of screenshots and code examples...The book seems to cover everything and not shy away from any components of ExpressionEngine"

Brett Ferrell:

"This book is a good starting place, and is written in the form of a good tutorial...This book shows you exactly how to build an example website, and it does a nice job of it."

Wesley Baker:

"After both reading this and watching the Pragmatic Programmers screencasts, I feel like I got far more out of the screencasts then the book."