As reviews & comments are published, I will link to them here. If you see a review or a comment that I haven't spotted, please do let me know. And thank-you to everyone who has read and shared their thoughts on my book; I always appreciative constructive feedback.


The following are reviews I've found.

Tony Geer:

"Leonard has managed very well to explain some of the complexities of ExpressionEngine with clear, easy to understand writing."


"Building Websites with ExpressionEngine 2 is a solid book, especially for its focus group. Despite some glitches in the details, the technical side of things is described in detail and correctly."


"Murphy’s new book is a good choice for the beginning ExpressionEngine user."


"We've recently moved over to building our sites in EE2 and found this book to be a great reference source for updating our workflow. There are some subtle changes in EE2 which this book covers well. The work throughs on using popular extensions are really useful, and for a tech manual it's easy to read. Highly recommended."


"Just like the first Building Websites with ExpressionEngine ebook, this version covers Expressionengine 2 in great detail, and is a superb companion for web designers building their first EE powered web site. I’d also recommend it for existing EE1.6 users who are looking to upgrade to EE2."