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This is Ed & Eg and we are Anytown’s leading independent financial advisors. We specialize in personal and small business financial planning, ranging from creating a budget to tax preparation and book-keeping.

Introducing Edward

Edward specializes in personal & family financial advice. He’s helped many indviduals & families get control of their finances and learn how to make the best decisions for their financial well-being. From creating a budget to buying a home, from preparing your taxes to purchasing insurance, from saving for college to investing in the stockmarkets, Edward can help liberate you & your family from living paycheck to paycheck and maximize your future wealth.

Introducing Egbert

Egbert specializes in small business financial advice. Whether you’re just getting started and need help writing a business plan and securing your first business loan, or if you’re already established and need help getting to the next level, Egbert can help your business with a full range of financial services.


Frequently Asked Question

The gift-giving season is almost upon us and I haven't saved nearly enough. What's the best way to stay within my budget without appearing cheap? Find out…

Frequently Asked Question

It seems every time I get paid, the money is already gone. How do I get in control of my debt when I never have any money left over? Find out…

Frequently Asked Question

My partner was laid off from work about 6 months ago. She's been getting unemployment, but now that's about to run out and she still hasn't found a job that pays anywhere near as well. We're considering withdrawing from our retirement account to cover the shortfall...is that a bad idea? Find out…